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  • Available for Android and iPhone.
  • Read nearby talking points as you drive.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your GPS.
  • Create talking points in seconds.

What does the app do?

The GeoReader app allows your Android phone or iPhone to say aloud any written text anywhere in the world.

  • Pick a point, write a description. When visited, users hear the description.
  • Share your points with other users and see how often they get read.
  • Assign tags to points, so you can only see what you are interested in.

There Is History Everywhere! Get started now!

It's available on Android and iPhone! Click to see the App in action
Surf around the map to see what is near you.

Limitless Landmarks

Create and share your talking points, browse other users, or even use official landmarks across the US. Make a historical tour of your town for free!

Landmark Sign

Listen as you drive

Hear what markers say as you drive, without stopping to read, making your trip more enjoyable. All hands-free, driver- friendly.

Text to Speech

Plays nice with GPS

Want to listen to music? No problem. GeoReader doesn't interfere with GPS or Pandora.

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