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  • Available for Android and iPhone.
  • Read nearby talking points as you drive.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your GPS.
  • Create talking points in seconds.

What does Georeader do?

What Georeader™ app does is it combines GPS location technology on your phone to points that have associated text with them (we call it a Talking Point™), uses the phone’s text to speech capability which will allow you to hear what is written, and construct your own Talking Point™ to share with others. GeoReader™ let's you know what's interesting around every turn ...

  1. an app that enhances travel
  2. speaks to you about landmarks as you pass by them
  3. great for road trips, biking, hiking
  4. fun for families, too - learn as you travel this summer
  5. you can even upload points of interest as you discover them!

What brought this about?

I (Dave) enjoy driving and always liked the historical markers that populate the side of the roads. Unfortunately, I never have time to actually pull over and read them. This app will allow you to hear what the sign says as you drive by. (This of course assumes that its in the database) . As you pass through an area, interesting facts or information tidbits can be spoken to you as you move about town. If you want, you can add your own points anywhere in the world and others can hear and see what you wrote! If you want to advertise your business to travelers, the Talking Point™ would activate to passersby 24 hrs/ 7 days a week. Its designed to work in the background and should not interfere with other apps. It is also designed to be hands free to encourage safe driving practices.

What will it have to start with?

When launched, there will be over 130,000 preloaded data points covering historical markers, interesting bridges, UFO sightings, and more. You are encourage to add to the data set by contributing by the creation of your own Talking Points with your knowledge about your local history, neat facts about an area, building town or event, natural formations, speed traps, or what ever you find interesting and want to share amongst friends or the general public.

What does it cost?

Nothing at all, the app is a free download, we ask that you support the advertisers that use the app as they help maintain it

Do I need anything else?

Nope, though we do recommend a car charger and a means to connect your phones output to your car's stereo for added enjoyment.

Are there Custom Programming Options?

Yes! Click here for latest pricing and other details around utilizing our unique technology.