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Add Your Non-Profit to GeoReader

Are you are 501(c)(3) organization? You can use Georeader to help raise funds for your cause.

By signing up your organization you get:

  • Up to 50% of net revenue for all Advertising Talking Points created. When an Advertiser creates or sponsors an Advertising Point, they will select from a list of participating non profits that they want up to 50% of net revenue to go to. Georeader will donate to the selected non profit a check for 50% of the net proceeds to the non profit group selected by the Advertiser--You solicit the advertiser- you get compensated in return. See FAQ for examples.
  • Georeader will donate 10% of the net proceeds from Georeader app sales and divide it up among participating groups.

Here is all we ask.

  • Create at least (10) Talking Points about interesting events that happened in your area.( Be sure to promote you group with at least one one. You will find this very easy to do and we love helping)
  • Tell your members, sponsors about the app. Put it in the newsletter . Ask sponsors to sponsor a point. It really is great for history fans and works all over the world.
  • Put our link to our website somewhere on your website. We sure would appreciate somewhere on the home page if possible.

We follow a pretty simple formula. The more users, the more Advertisers, the more revenue for your group!

Eligibility requirements

  • Recognized 501(c)(3) historical or preservation org.
  • Willing to work as a partnership with us.

Questions? See our FAQ or email us at

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